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  •   All charges will be levied and calculated on the actual numbers of persons or the guaranteed numbers of persons, whichever is higher.
  •  On confirmation of same, would have to submit 50% of the amount, rest after completion.
  •  Any reduction in numbers of guaranteed persons is allowed 72 hours prior to the functions & not later. 
  •  In case the number of persons increases, the management will offer food & service for only 10% above the numbers of guaranteed persons.  
  •  Thereon the management will levy a 20% surcharge (in addition to the rate per head) for any further increase in the numbers of the guests.  
  •  Rates are valid till 31st March 2015. 
  •  Menu to be finalised at least one week in advance. 
  •  All type of flower decoration, buffet counters or stall arrangement would be provided by host, if to be managed by us then would be charged additionally on actual.  
  •  We expect you to ensure strict adherence / support to our guidelines and will be strictly responsible for any damage or breakage caused by any contractor / worker engaged by you. 
  •  We shall only provide service as agreed in contract and the rate agreed upon. Any services or amenities required by you in addition to those agreed as per contract, shall be chargeable and provided subject to availability.  
  •  Pro – Public Relation Girls & VIP Service Boys if required will be provided at extra charges.  
  •  Any change in the programme or details as mentioned as per contract should only be made keeping the function coordinator in confidence.