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Thanks to our highly tailored and experienced Team, CaterFocus proudly offer the following services:

  • Events catering (weddings, dinners, lunches, parties, conference, seminar planning, exhibitions, projects launching and advertising)
  • Events organization including all supplies
  • Agreements with entertainment companies, wedding venues, birthday places...
  • Table and Buffet Floral arrangements
  • Events decoration (Seating, Flowers, Lighting, Sound System, hosting..)
  • Daily plat du jour
  • Catering consultancy
  • Funerals/Memorials
  • Grand Openings
  • Promos

There are two important aspects to customer service: Food quality and Service quality. There are several aspects to food quality. 

As always, quality begins with us, the catering business owner. We set the tone and expectations. This is our investment. We have the right to expect our staff to follow reasonable expectations, and to produce a quality product is certainly not asking too much of our staff.


  • Training: Training is a vital tool to produce a quality food product for our catering client. Our consistent training program will teach each staff member to produce the same product identically. If every staff member follows recipes and procedures according to the training, then they should be able to expect a consistent product every time.


  • Quality product: We expect a consistent product from the vendors and other local suppliers each time, just as catering event coordinators expect it from us. There is accountability and culpability all along the production line from vendor to plate presentation. We hold our kitchen staff to a higher standard. It's the way to get a good result and to be under the standards rules and regulations.


  • Freshness: In our catering company, there's a term used to remind employees of a rotation method to maintain food quality: First In, First Out (FIFO). FIFO reminds our catering staff to rotate product as it comes in to assure food freshness.


  • Sanitation: Cleanliness may or may not be next to godliness. But there is also no substitution for proper sanitation techniques in the kitchen. From hand washing and personal hygiene, to color coding by using a different knifes to slice vegetables or dairy or bread...